Welcome to the QCentroid Documentation

Here you’ll find all the information needed to get started with the QCentroid Quantum Solutions Platform and theĀ QCentroid Embedded Framework for Web3.

The Quantum Solutions Platform

Benchmarked quantum algorithms to solve highly complex problems in seconds, not hours, days or years.

Quantum resources for Web3

QCentroid expands the capabilities of smart contracts by providing Quantum resources from the real-world data and off-chain computation to blockchain decentralized applications.

New to the QCentroid Platform?

Learn the basics on how to Add a New Solver to the Platform

New to QCentroid and
smart contracts?

Learn the basics in the Getting Started Guide. Build your first smart contract on Polygon.

New to the QCentroid
Platform API?

Learn the basics in the Getting Started Guide and start making requests to our solvers and quantum functions.

Web3 products

QCentroid offers several products on blockchains and layer-2 networks. Select a product to get started.

Use QCentroid QRF to consume randomness in your smart contracts.


Quantum Optimization for any problem: Assect allocation, portfolio optimization, routing optimization…